WIRRAL schools targeted in ‘Killer Clown’ craze


Police have issued a fresh warning after more reports of clowns causing fear and upset in Wirral.

The ‘killer clown’ craze appears to have been inspired by terrifying pranks involving knives in the US and has seen a string of copycat incidents across the country.


Now police are warning potential offenders they may be committing a public order offence.

Wirral Online News has been made aware of various profiles on Social Media sites such as Twitter and Instagram threatening Wirral Schools.

There are many pages making threats against Wirral Schools

The first account, which has since been suspended, says they will visit all High Schools on Wirral, the second account claims they will target specific areas, and warning people to lock their doors on Halloween.

The third account (pictured), perhaps the most sinister threat says they will target two schools on Wirral, Mosslands and Weatherhead.



One Wirral student commented saying “Go to ####### I dare you”, we’ve had to remove the school name for obvious reasons.

These accounts are almost certainly fake, but Police are warning youngsters that making threats online is a serious crime and the people behind the accounts will be investigated.



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