Wirral biker Kieran Reeves died as result of road traffic collision


An inquest into the death of a Wirral teenager after his motorbike hit a taxi has concluded it was probably ‘more likely than not’ that the traffic lights were against him prior to the tragedy.

Kieran Reeves, 17, suffered multiple injuries after his Yamaha collided with a Skoda private hire taxi on Allport Road at its junction with Bridle Road in Bromborough in the early hours of September 13 last year.

Wirral Globe:

He sadly died at Arrowe Park Hospital.

An inquest at Gerard Majella courthouse in Liverpool this afternoon concluded that death was the result of a road traffic collision.

But Kieran’s family raised concerns over the police investigation, which was unable to establish the speed of either vehicle prior to the incident.

The family felt closer examination of nearby CCTV cameras would have addressed their concerns over how fast either vehicle had been travelling.

It also emerged that the taxi was unsafe and would have failed its MOT prior to the incident and its driver Mr Aziz Amiry had admitted speeding at the time of the crash.

Investigation officer PC Paul Clarke told how the traffic light system at the junction meant either Kieran or Mr Amiry must have driven through a red light to cause the crash.

In statements the taxi driver and passenger said the lights were on green when they passed through.

Tyre marks on the road seemed to show that Kieran had made attempts to stop at the junction and avoid the car.

Having taken their statements into consideration, PC Clarke said in his view Kieran went through a red light.

 He added: “I’m of the opinion that Kieran had gone through red lights and that is what caused the collision.”

His claims were disputed by family friend Angela Fitzgerald.

In a statement to the court she said: “As Kieran is unable to speak up for himself it is our duty to speak up for him.

“Had the taxi driver been adhering to the speed limit he would not have been at the junction at the same time as Kieran and therefore the collision would not have happened.

“Kieran would still be alive and we wouldn’t be here defending him.

“Added to that the taxi should not have been on the road and with the lack of independent witnesses, we believe the blame for the collision cannot be on Kieran and in conclusion we believe the only way to ascertain the speed of both vehicles is by CCTV analysis.”

Coroner, Ms Anita Bhardwaj said: “The collision has occurred as a result of one or both drivers not adhering to the traffic lights.

“Having heard the evidence I find it is more likely than not that the lights were green in favour of the motorcar.

“I conclude Kieran Paul Reeves died as a result of a road traffic collision.

“I know it’s not the conclusion the family want, but it is a neutral one.

“Please accept my personal condolences.

“The loss of a child, somebody so young, is something I can never begin to understand.

“Kieran was a young man with so much ahead of him. It was a very, very tragic set of circumstances.”

On the request for more detailed examination of CCTV, Ms Bhardwaj said: “I’ve considered the CCTV analysis and do not feel that it would take the matter any further on.