UPDATE: Kingsway Academy to close in 2018


Kingsway Academy, Leasowe, will close in August 2018, after a final decision was made by the Secretary of State for Education. The academy has failed to attract sufficient pupil numbers and meet Private Finance Initiative costs.

You may be wondering what a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is, a PFI is like a mortgage the Government takes out on behalf of the public a ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme.

By 2015 the UK owed more than £222bn to banks and businesses as a result.


Kingsway Academy formerly Wallasey School, opened in February 2015 and was designed to cater for 1,500 students but last year there were only 260 students.

The Northern Schools Trust, who run the Kingsway Academy have been slated for the way they have dealt with the situation, several local politicians have described it as “shocking” and “appalling.”

A statement from the Northern Schools Trust, who run the Kingsway Academy, said:

The Northern Schools Trust have worked in close partnership with the Department for Education and representatives of the Local Authority over the last week to unanimously agree a way forward.

We can now announce the series of timings that will allow us to support our families through this difficult period.

We are very grateful for the commitment of all parties to working in the best interest of our families and agreeing a very good alternative to an immediate closure.

Children now in year six, with places at Kingsway, will be given places at other schools for the start of the upcoming school year.

Parents, staff and governors have now been informed of the plans to close and the Northern Schools Trust say Wirral Council will work with parents to find alternative schools.