Severe weather warnings issued by Met Office for rain on Friday


The Met Office have issued Merseyside a severe weather warning for heavy rain on Friday.

An area of locally heavy rain is expected to push across Merseyside during the early morning.

“An area of locally heavy rain already affecting much of England and Wales as well as parts of Scotland at the
start of Friday lingers across these areas through the early hours of Friday and Friday morning. Rain is likely to be both persistent and heavy at times. Also a risk of thunder, most likely over parts of England and Wales. This rain will tend to ease through the day, probably becoming confined to eastern UK by the end of Friday.”

The rain is mostly likely to be heaviest in the early hours of Friday morning and the rain should of passed by 4PM, there is also a chance of thunder and lightening too.

The warning comes just as Merseyside has just started to have a taste of summer, today (12th) and tomorrow (13th), temperatures are expected to hit 24C before rain and possible thunder on Friday.

After Fridays rain,  temperatures are expected to be much cooler and fresher around 16C/17C.