Mersey Travel to increase school bus fare AGAIN!


Mersey Travel is to increase school bus fares again, this increase is from £0.70 to £0.80. The increase will start from 03/01/16, the increase means it will now cost £8 per week to send your child to school. The fare was also increased this time last year from £0.50 to £0.70 which is a 60% increase overall meaning a child is paying £3 more per week to travel to and from school each day this is £120 each school year.

Although Mersey Travel have increased fares, many parents have told Wirral Online that their child’s bus is dangerously full leaving children to lean against doors. One parent told us “The kids are rammed into [the buses] and all sit around the windows at the top, how no one is hurt is a miracle”

Another told us their child’s school has an extra bus in the morning and after school to help solve this problems however the extra bus in the morning doesn’t arrive to school in time and therefore the children are missing the starts of lessons.

A Mersey Travel spokesperson has said: “Any decisions to increase fares are not taken lightly. However, the current financial climate that both Merseytravel and our local government partners in the city region are facing means that we have to look again at how services can be maintained while remaining cost effective and that has been the driving force behind this decision.

“Without our investment many of our supported services wouldn’t run as they aren’t commercially viable and we remain committed to setting fares which are considered to be fair and at an affordable level for passengers. In addition the gap between supported and commercial fares needs to reduce, bringing supported services to a realistic level.

“We still believe that even with this increase we still offer good value for money particularly when compared with higher commercial fares.”

“Merseytravel remains committed to looking at what can be done, with commercial operators, to make fares more affordable across the board. The £2 all day bus ticket for young people has been a great success as well raising the age eligibility on our tickets, and many of those across the commercial network, up to and including the age of 18.”

Is this increase justifiable?  What do you think? Comment below.

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The fare was also increased this time last year from £0.50 to £0.70