Fake rumour spreading online claiming Sky customers can ‘unlock’ all channels


A rumour is spreading across social media that claims that Sky customers can unlock all of the channels on their Sky box simply by plugging their Sky TV remote into an available port on their broadband router with an Ethernet cable.

The rumour is false! There is no Ethernet port on the back of the remote, and following the instructions towards the end of the message will likely change the code your Sky remote uses to operate a TV set, meaning it may stop operating your TV set.

The rumour claims that a feature that allowed Sky engineers to check faults across all Sky channels is still accessible by plugging the remote control into a router to download a firmware patch from Sky’s “central server”, which then unlocks all the channels.

Here’s an example of the rumour spreading online:

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Posted by Janey Christina Farrell on Monday, July 17, 2017

Of course, the rumour is false, and fails to make sense on a number of levels. Perhaps most obviously, you can’t plug your Sky remote into your router because the remote actually doesn’t have an Ethernet socket built into it.

The socket at the back of the remote inside the battery compartment is not an Ethernet port, and an Ethernet connector will not fit inside it since it is too small.


The socket is actually designed to allow Sky to upload programming codes for the latest television models so the remote can control the latest television sets without having to manually input the code for a specific TV model.

It seems the message is some kind of prank by the original uploader to see how many people they could dupe into trying to jam an Ethernet connector into the back of their SKY remote control and programming their remotes to work with the 0000 code